Twitch Screens | FrowzySquirrel

Comissioned Work - 2022

2D character animation project for a Rocket League Twitch Streamer and YouTuber FrowzySquirrel.

The client wanted himself turned into a cartoon character and doing some animation actions, consisting of: appearing on screen playing Rocket League; celebrating in his usual style (shouting "Hoooo"); realising that his celebration was too early and something is wrong in his RL game; raging; and getting off screen. He also wanted a BRB (Be Right Back) screen as well, consisting of him ocasionally looking at his viewers to see if they are still there.

I created the entire project: art direction, character design, character animation, background illustration and compositing.

I used the software Blender (Grease Pencil) to make 2D sketches of character design and animation. After the rough pass was done, I created a custom rig inside Toon Boom and from there I made the final animation with all its subtleties. Meanwhile I vector illustrated the background in Adobe Illustration. Finally it was all composited inside After effects.

Rough Animation

Rough Keyframes

Rigged Character - Main Keyframes

Character Design Progress

Character Design Progress

Background Illustration

Background Illustration

Screen being used by the streamer

Screen being used by the streamer